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Shipping info & FAQ

Below is a list of commonly asked questions, from our shipping rates to how to check your gift card balance. If you have any other questions, we are happy to help! 

While you're at it, check out our blog on some of the most common coffee questions we've received over the years:

5 Common Coffee Questions, Answered Blog



When you place an order from us, our highest priority is sending you the freshest coffee possible. You deserve it, and frankly so do our world class coffee producers and their coffees.

Read our blog on the benefits of fresh roasted coffee to learn more. 

If you order on Monday - Thursday before 3:00pm CST, your order will ship out the next business day.

If you order on Monday - Thursday after 3:00pm CST, your order will ship out the day following the next business day. (ex: orders placed at 4:00pm CST on a Monday will ship on Wednesday).

If you order Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, at any time, your order will ship out on Monday, barring holidays. 

Shipping Charges & Free Shipping Policies:

As of 8/23/2021: As a standard, we ship flat rate USPS Priority Mail (or FedEx) for $5.00 on all orders under $30. Standard ground shipping is free for orders over $30!

Recurring coffee subscriptions: $5 flat rate shipping via USPS Priority Mail (or FedEx) will be offered on orders with under $20. Standard domestic ground shipping will be free for recurring coffee subscription orders totaling over $20. $20 in this case means $20 worth of qualifying subscription products, for example 2 bags of 700 10% off auto renew. 

Other promotions may be going on at any given moment, and are listed on our main page. USPS Priority Mail does not guarantee a certain delivery time, but is good at hitting the delivery times provided by the map below. Generally, if you live within the continental United States you will get your order within three days. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current pandemic, the USPS has experienced some disruptions in shipping. While this is out of our control, we will do our best to make sure our product is delivered to you as promised. Thanks for understanding!


How to store coffee:
Store your coffee in a dry, cool, dark, and airtight place (like our 12oz or 5lb bag!). If you choose to keep your coffee in the bag, try to push as much air out as possible and ensure the seal is tight. Exposure to oxygen degrades coffee quicker and storing it in an airtight environment will help your coffee stay fresher for longer. This good tight seal will also ensure any neighboring ingredients don’t impose their flavor on your coffee. We love the Fellow Atmos as a product that can remove (or just prevent) oxygen from your coffee's environment. 

Should I freeze my coffee?
The latest research shows that if you aren't going to start brewing a bag of coffee immediately (within a month), it is best to place sealed-bags in the freezer and then let them thaw first before opening (this is not recommended for bags you have already opened). This works better with whole bean coffee. 

Does coffee have an expiration date?
Coffee doesn’t expire, but we recommend buying coffee as often as you buy your milk, bread, and eggs (so about every two weeks or so). Stocking up on large amounts of whole bean coffee will lead to coffee being used further away from its roast date. The sooner you brew coffee from when it was roasted, the fresher it is and the better it will taste.

Fair Trade Coffee:
We have a selection of Fair Trade coffees available year round on our blends page. Sometimes, our single origin coffees will have a Fair Trade certification. All coffees we buy are bought at or above current Fair Trade prices. Our Kaldi’s Relationship Coffees are coffees with which we have a direct relationship with the coffee producer. We select coffees with our palates, ensure that our farmer friends are rewarded for their efforts, and that the coffee is grown in a sustainable, ecologically sound manner.

What's your Sustainability Mission?:
Read it here: Kaldi's Coffee Sustainability Mission page

I have questions about my Recurring Coffee Subscription:
We have a Recurring Subscription FAQ! Email us at [email protected] if you have any further questions. We also have a couple blog posts for more tips tricks, and general knowledge:

Return Policy:
We don’t accept any whole bean coffee returns, but we'll happily replace your coffee with another selection should you not enjoy your purchase. Any merchandise bought from our website can be returned to our roasting facility within 30 days for a full refund. Please note our cafes cannot accept returns for online purchases. For more individual assistance on this, please email us at [email protected]

What do your flavor notes mean?
Taste descriptions on our non-flavored coffees are notes that we found were most prevalent within that unique coffee. They can be used as a guide on notes you may experience when brewing. None of these coffees are flavored post-roast in any way, but should be thought of as taste experiences you would find outside of coffee. For example, Ethiopian coffees tend to have a light, tea-like drinking experience, and Central American coffees generally have a nutty-like sweetness. Your experience and taste notes you pick up on will likely be different than our’s and you should use our notes as a guide to choose coffees you think you would enjoy. For more information, check out:

Why isn’t my favorite coffee being offered right now?
Coffee is a seasonal crop and when we choose to offer coffees, we buy them at the peak of their season. Coffee crops by region vary throughout the year, so African coffees will be offered at different times than South American coffees. See more on our Sourcing page. 

What coffee is in your blends?
When we create a blend, we choose coffees that fit a unique taste profile. Since coffee is seasonal, we’re constantly adjusting and modifying each blend to match that taste profile based on the coffees we currently have in stock. The taste of each blend should remain consistent year round, but you may notice some subtle differences from time-to-time. If you’d like to know specifically about what is in our blend at any given time, please email us at [email protected] Also, feel free to check out our Blend Buying Guide for more details about which blend is right for you. 

Which coffee grind is right for me? 
We offer three different grind sizes on the vast majority of our coffee offerings: drip, espresso, and French press.

- Use drip grind if you plan on making your coffee using a coffee machine, in a pour over brewer, or if you want to try a newer way to make your trusty French press.

- Use espresso grind if you have an espresso machine at home. This grind will be very fine and will over-extract (in other words, taste bitter and chalky) in other methods.

- Use French press grind if you are making a coffee in the more traditional French Press method, or making cold brew, or do very large batches in a Chemex (greater than 60 grams of coffee). 

Coffee Grind Sizes

Do you offer tours at your Roastery?

(Please note that public cuppings are currently cancelled, but we hope to have a revised version of them going in the future) We used to host a free weekly cupping at our Roastery every Friday at 2pm (holidays and some Fridays excluded), which included a tour of our roasting facility. A coffee cupping is very similar to a wine tasting in that you will try a variety of coffees together. It was led by our roasting crew and a cupping is the same way we and coffee professionals evaluate coffees for purchase around the world. We'd love to have you visit us at some point soon!

How should I brew my coffee?
Please visit our brewing page here.  Coffee brewing is as much an art as it is a science, and it might take a few tries for you to find a sweet-spot that matches your taste preference. We recommend not getting too lost in the "right" way to brew, but instead focus on what you like and try to educate yourself on some best practices. And then just take it from there! 

How do I check my Kaldi's gift card balance?
We have two kinds of gift cards: one for retail, and one for our website. Unfortunately they cannot be used interchangeably at this time. In order to check your balance, please:

Retail Gift Card Balance

Newer Cards

    1. Scan the QR code on the back


    1. Send to [email protected] with the 16 or 19 digit number on the back of your card and requesting to know your balance
    2. We will get back to you shortly, or first thing in the morning if the request comes through after hours or on the weekend.
    1. Call 314.727.9991 with your gift card in hand and request your gift card balance
      1. Provide the 16 or 19 digit number on the back of the card

Virtual Gift Card Balance


    1. Send to [email protected] with the name on the virtual card or account
      1. Providing an email address is also helpful in case it was gifted
    2. We will get back to you shortly, or first thing in the morning if the request comes through after hours or on the weekend.
    1. Call 314.727.9991 and request the balance on a virtual gift card
      1. Provide first and last name
      2. Email address will only be necessary if it was gifted or put under a different name

What do I do if my question isn't listed here?
Shoot us a ring! Or an email. Or reach out on social media. Our phone number is 314.727.9991. Our email is [email protected] And our social media links are at the bottom of this page.

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